Summer Update

Dear friends and fans, sorry for the recent lack of updates. There are a number of interesting things in the pipeline such as the new album by Social Ambitions called “Hunger” which was released a few days ago. So far it has gotten excellent reviews and we’re still looking for more. “Hunger” is available for download and on limited edition CD in selected stores. Diskodiktator will – for the first time in ages – take to the stage as the band invades Germany and the Familientreffen IX on July 6 and in November Diskodiktator and Topgun will embark on a two date Swedish tour. We’re also very excited to learn that The Crashlanders have started recording new material…

The Crashlanders review

Our friends over at Reflection of Darkness have had a listen to the compilation of old songs by The Crashlanders and might have misunderstood the point – however they put it rather nicely. The good news is that Erika Nyström’s voice maintains something from the playful atmosphere of the disco. The bad news is that their combination of Swedish Pop and Italo disco is outdated. Have a listen to this track and let us know what you think! The Crashlanders – När vi faller Link

Compilation review

Our dear friends at Reflection of Darkness has a lot to say about our current label sampler so why not head on over to their site and read all about it? And while you are at it take the time to indulge yourself in the massive archive of articles, reviews and photos! Are you still putting sugar and lemon on your hair? Do you love the 80’s synth-pop but none of your friends knows anything about it? Then this compilation is for you. Link

The Crashlanders reviews

The expectations have been high on the remixed and remastered material on The Crashlanders album “Nätter” and here are what a few of our media friends have to say about the release… The lyrics hits me like a fist on the mouth but it’s a fist on the mouth I really enjoy. The lyrics from The Crashlanders track “När vi faller” hits me like a fist on the mouth but it’s a fist on the mouth I really enjoy. Even if the group has a quite simple sound there’s plenty of seriousness in their lyrics. I like this a lot and I’m looking forward to what’s coming. Henrik Kanatidis, (Link) The group twists and turns between singing in Swedish and English and makes astonishing lyrics on both languages which makes this album nothing less than a necessity for any day, be it depressive or festive. I think this is …