Flux Fin releases remix maxi single

Our friends from Finland, Flux Fin, got some friends together and asked them to remix the title track from their latest album and the result will be released on September 1 2015.

Artwork for the maxi single.
Artwork for the maxi single.

The track list contains three remixes and one exclusive song:

  1. Grit, Guts And Glory (Foretaste Remix)
  2. Sleazy
  3. Grit, Guts And Glory (Kenny Bocsidan Lounge Remix)
  4. Grit, Guts And Glory (Mekanik Remix)

Flux Fin review

We are all about other people telling you how good our releases are – this time Side-Line Music Magazine lay it out for you:

Vesa Rainne and Ville Brusi have always impressed me with their particular taste to mix vintage (analogue) sound together with modern sound treatments, but what they’ve accomplished on this new work simply sounds genius.

Flux Fin - Grit, Guts and Glory