Living in the best of worlds

It’s interesting to see the lack of activity on this homepage – are we really doing that little? The answer is, as usual, yes and no. Except for a couple of brilliant singles from Flux Fin and Quelles Paroles the rate of releases has come to a stand still. Never …

Flux Fin – No Wonder

Our friends from Finland celebrates the end of summer with a wonderful new track: “No Wonder”.

New single by Flux Fin: “Hibernatives”

While waiting for the single to appear on the usual places please enjoy it on YouTube: The single is released on March 3 2017 and it contains the title track and a remix by Diskodiktator.

Flux Fin releases remix maxi single

Our friends from Finland, Flux Fin, got some friends together and asked them to remix the title track from their latest album and the result will be released on September 1 2015. The track list contains three remixes and one exclusive song: Grit, Guts And Glory (Foretaste Remix) Sleazy Grit, …