New EP from Slutet

Being an ever changing constellation of musicians Slutet (“The End” in English) keeps on creating music that soothes without acknowledging the dark sides of life. The emotions are key and as the songs evolve each fiber of your body is on end, each receptor fine tuned and every beat, every note and every moment counts as something no-one would want to be without. As the band puts it themselves… The new EP is entitled “The World Is Empty, Paint It Red (A Tribute To Verner)” and contains four tracks that proves exactly what the band claims. Enjoy it on Spotify or any other output now!

Slutet/k0NG review

The very dark German music magazine Reflection of Darkness enjoyed the current split album by Slutet and k0NG so much they wrote it all down and published it on their homepage, for which we are greatful… Slutet has a more theatrical, dark and atmospheric aspect whereas the kONG are more mainstream in their music. Link

Coming releases

Here at the Electric Fantastic Sound headquarters we’ve been busy looking for new and exciting music and we have some very interesting releases coming your way! Among the more recent is a brand new split effort between Slutet and k0NG, an album from Italian electronic outfit N_Sambo and a very cool collection of songs recorded this summer as part of the Pool Sessions… Releases that are still being planned and recorded contains Ninjaspark, Libra, Quelles Paroles, Departed and Atari Cowboy…