Her name was Seven…

Ninjaspark recently released their final output; the remix EP “Ninjaspark Are Fucking Dead” and fans of the lo-fi electro dance bit pop what-you-wanna-call-it has been raving over it since then. Our friends at Reflection of Darkness freaked out and gave it 7 plus 7 points. Who are we to disagree?

…after six years on the forefront of modern dance music, the duo has decided to call it a day.


Coming releases

Here at the Electric Fantastic Sound headquarters we’ve been busy looking for new and exciting music and we have some very interesting releases coming your way! Among the more recent is a brand new split effort between Slutet and k0NG, an album from Italian electronic outfit N_Sambo and a very cool collection of songs recorded this summer as part of the Pool Sessions

Thinking of all the great new releases makes my beard shine.

Releases that are still being planned and recorded contains Ninjaspark, Libra, Quelles Paroles, Departed and Atari Cowboy

Compilation review

Our dear friends at Reflection of Darkness has a lot to say about our current label sampler so why not head on over to their site and read all about it? And while you are at it take the time to indulge yourself in the massive archive of articles, reviews and photos!

Are you still putting sugar and lemon on your hair? Do you love the 80’s synth-pop but none of your friends knows anything about it? Then this compilation is for you.


Ninjaspark remix EP

Our one-stop-shop for electronic and instru-mental music Ninjaspark is currently working on a compilation of their greatest remixes and we can’t wait to hear it! Expect a whole lot of high speed high energy musical madness…

Electric Fantastic Sound released the smash debut album from Ninjaspark