More releases on the way

After several months with very little activity the Electric Fantastic Sound label suddenly bursts into hyper active mode in the late spring of 2015:

The debut album from PMtoyou has already been announced, there is also a brand new album by Anton Weber coming in late May. As if that wasn’t enough Diskodiktator releases another issue in their series of let’s-cover-a-whole-album with the second album by original space pop giants S.P.O.C.K entitled “Alien Alien Worlds” in early June (on the 6th day of June in fact).

Later on this summer we’ll also see a new EP from Topgun and there is even talk of new material from Quelles Paroles! Keep an eye out for more!

The alien cover for the cover album "Alien Alien Worlds".
The alien cover for the cover album “Alien Alien Worlds”.

New single from Quelles Paroles

It’s been a while since Quelles Paroles made any noise but 2013 sees the return of the former trio (now a duo) as they release the brand new single “Apart” on January 5. The band will support American electropop group extravaganza The Crüxshadows at Inkonst in Malmö on the same day – yet another reason to celebrate!

Two jaded souls jilted by hope…

The single contains the title track and a suitable remix crafted by fellow Swedes Diskodiktator and both will be available worldwide on most digital streaming services and download stores.

The intriguing cover art for the single “Apart” by Quelles Paroles.

Quelles Paroles to celebration party

The crusaders of synthpop Magnus, Marcus and Andy or Quelles Paroles as they are perhaps better known as will perform at the 12th anniversary of south Swedish club Neostalgia on the 24th of March 2012. Expect a lot of happy people and even more great music as the party kicks off at Malmös Deep Nightclub.

Facebook event

Quelles Paroles making plans for world domination.

Coming releases

Here at the Electric Fantastic Sound headquarters we’ve been busy looking for new and exciting music and we have some very interesting releases coming your way! Among the more recent is a brand new split effort between Slutet and k0NG, an album from Italian electronic outfit N_Sambo and a very cool collection of songs recorded this summer as part of the Pool Sessions

Thinking of all the great new releases makes my beard shine.

Releases that are still being planned and recorded contains Ninjaspark, Libra, Quelles Paroles, Departed and Atari Cowboy