Exciting new releases

We bring you great news; while waiting for new material from Atari Cowboy we’re releasing a remix single by Joniverse and as Diskodiktator brought an air of success at recent shows in Germany and Sweden with their new sound the single “Random Mark” is released on the same day – September 30. We are also excited that Libra returns with a brand new single called “I’m Ready To Try”. The single that also includes two remixes by Stenbit and CMYK will be released on October 19. It’s a great pleasure to introduce the amazing band Yva & The Toy George from Italy! Their debut album “Love Toys & Molotovs” will be released on October 21.

Libra on video

Electronic trip hop mixed with amazing vocals and a killer band is what will be heard and seen as Libra takes to the stage on Thursday 15 March. The performance is at Malmö’s Babel nightclub but viewers from all over the world can see the show thanks to Klubb Kickstart who is broadcasting the event live. Sweet! This also marks the celebration of the brand new Libra mini album “No More Pressure”, released on Friday!