Compilation review

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Are you still putting sugar and lemon on your hair? Do you love the 80’s synth-pop but none of your friends knows anything about it? Then this compilation is for you.


The Garland Cult charity single

Aidan Casserly, lead singer with the cult Dublin synthpop bands The Garland Cult and Empire State Human, has teamed up with Marc Almond’s pianist Martin Watkins to write and record a moving song called “Castles” which is being released by our American friends at Ninthwave Media as a charity single in aid of the Irish Cancer Society.

Castles by Aidan Casserly featuring Martin Watkins.

The song which is a brooding Twin Peaks sounding soulful ballad is backed by the song “Marble” and the single also includes an exclusive remix of that track by Steven Olaf. Both songs are taken from Aidan’s second solo album “The naming of Blue” which is dedicated to his brother Neville Casserly.

In October 2010, Aidan’s brother Neville passed away after a long, brave battle against throat cancer. To quote Aidan “Neville’s
death was something that really affected us as a family and it’s something we’re dealing with on a day to day basis. This charity single was written and recorded with the fantastic Martin Watkins and the album it came from were my way of dealing with the loss of my brother, and for me it helped so much. To have the opportunity to release a charity single in aid of the Irish Cancer Society has also given me an opportunity to feel I was doing something for not only Neville, but my family, my friends and myself. Special thanks goes to Donna Parsons and Elaine Gillespie at the ICS on Northhampton Road.”

Aidan will perform “Castles” live along with Empire State Human at the event “Night of the Machines” on September 1st at the National Concert Hall, Dublin.

Label sampler coming

Since the founding of the label in 2005 Electric Fantastic Sound has released a collection of our band each year. Naturally 2011 is no different and it is with great pride we celebrate the seventh edition of our label sampler called “Electric Fantastic Sound No.7 2011”. The release date is set to September 19 and this time we’re showing off twenty tracks from twenty artists…

Nena And The Superyeahs
Italian group Nena And The Superyeahs is on it.

There are bands from Sweden, Finland, Ireland, the UK, France and Italy represented so this is truly a pan-European collection of up-to-date electronic pop! Some of the included artists might be known to you already, others are brand new acquaintances and naturally we would like to see you enjoying all of them and perhaps also finding some new favourites. As the release date is coming closer we will present more of the participants but until then take our word for it – it will be a killer collection and as usual available at a very reasonable price!