Topgun returns!

The legendary Topgun is back [legendary, according to Cold War Night Life – the fabulous online magazine for electronic music and culture]. And although the band’s upcoming album “Fuck Up and Die” is planned for a early 2017 release, founding member SEM Hilti Johansson, has re-grouped the band as a quartet – with both old and new members – and they are currently in a democrazy mode.

TopGun 2017 is the logic continuance of the 2005 release “TopGun Vs. Hiltipop Rewired” which claimed fame with hard-hitting songs like “Honey” and “The One”.

So expect an eclectic blend of modern EBM with fierce, danceable, beats and pounding rhythms. Juxtaposed against the more aggressive musical stylings are – as always – the softer, raw vocals, with a flair of 80’s synth-pop delivery.

Flux Fin releases remix maxi single

Our friends from Finland, Flux Fin, got some friends together and asked them to remix the title track from their latest album and the result will be released on September 1 2015.

Artwork for the maxi single.
Artwork for the maxi single.

The track list contains three remixes and one exclusive song:

  1. Grit, Guts And Glory (Foretaste Remix)
  2. Sleazy
  3. Grit, Guts And Glory (Kenny Bocsidan Lounge Remix)
  4. Grit, Guts And Glory (Mekanik Remix)

Don’t take our word for it…

Diskodiktator continue their epic journey into the abyss of classic Swedish 1990’s albums and this time it happened to become a tribute to the 1995 S.P.O.C.K album “Alien Worlds”. Naturally we think it’s great but we are not alone. The music blog Cold War Night Life has this to say:

What made the original S.P.O.C.K songs so enduring was composer Eddie Bengtsson’s instinctive feel for pop structures, which were OMD-class, even if the subjects were lifted from cult sci-fi. Slowed down and put into another mode, they can start to sound less iconic than ironic, but there are clever moments here: Billing is a talented programmer and performer, and on tracks like “Astro Girl” he provides a setting that is closer to R&B than classic poptronica.